>The one rule that almost all New Yorkers live by is to avoid Times Square at all costs. Times Square is the bane of existence for a fast-paced New Yorker. There are people everywhere and 92% move along at a snails pace, staring up at the big buildings and overwhelmed by the sea of humanity that surrounds them. It can drive a harried person up a wall. This afternoon I ignored the #1 rule of life and cut through Times Square on my way home from a conference. As I was cursing my stupidity and the gawking tourists around me, I came face to face with the Naked Singing Cowboy. (Actually, he might just be the Naked Cowboy. I’m not so sure that he sings.)

The Naked [Singing] Cowboy is infamous as a living tourist trap. Basically, he walks around Times Square in tighty-whities, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. He also carries a guitar. New Yorkers completely ignore him, as if everyone walks around in their underwear and there is nothing unusual going on. Female tourists, however, go nuts over him. They point and giggle and eventually approach him. They love taking pictures with him. This is where the tourist trap part comes in, as he charges them $5 to be photographed with him. I heard he can make quite a lot of money in one day. Pretty damn clever. I’m sure the ladies at home go ga-ga when they see the pictures. In the end, everyone is happy.