>Steph gave my mom a word search book shaped like a toilet last year for the holidays. My mom was annoyed because many of the words were spelled improperly, but Steph said she should not expect more from a book bought at a dollar store.

For no apparent reason, I was thinking about this while I was trying to go to bed recently. It occurred to me that it would be fun to have a word search game using the terms that people have typed into search engines that led them to CUSS & Other Rants. It seemed like a fun activity I could leave you with while I am off gallivanting in DC this weekend, since I am not sure if I will have any time to write.

The search terms listed below are the 25 most common things that people have typed in to a search engine that led them to CUSS. Since most terms were phrases that used repetitive words like snatch, ignore the words in brackets. As in a typical word search, words can be up, down, across, diagonal, and backwards in the search puzzle below. If you want to do the puzzle, click on the link puzzle.doc. You will go to a new window as a word document. I recommend printing the page.

Have fun!