>Thursday afternoon I took Amtrak down to DC. I had a very nice evening with my friend M. M. showed me some of the ridiculous responses that she received from a personal ad on Craigslist. She gave me the brilliant idea of posting ads as well. I will post one as a SWM seeking SWF, and a SWF seeking SWM, and we’ll see which gender sends more ridiculous responses overall.

My mom and I had a very nice day in DC yesterday. We had the good fortune to be inside all three times that storms moved in suddenly and it began pouring. Husband insisted that the first rain storm was a hurricane with winds off the Beaufort scale. He was most displeased that he had to buy a shitty umbrella in the gift shop for $13.

We spent most of the day at the National Museum of American History. We did not budget our time well, and as a result were not able to see the exhibit on lunchboxes in the cafeteria. Oh well. We did catch an awesome exhibit on mass transit, which included a 1950s el car. When you go it, it simulated the movement of the train. We also spent a good deal of time looking at the gowns of the First Ladies. Let’s just say that there were some interesting threads worn in the past. I also learned that Betty Ford was a rocking feminist. She gave a controversial interview on 60 Minutes where she spoke about abortion rights, premarital sex, and women’s health. In addition, she supported the ERA. It all went downhill after Reagan, though. So sad.

Today is the day of depressing activities. Mom and I are heading to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and then the Vietnam Memorial. People are really savages. I don’t know why we pretend we are civilized.