>Operation Rescue (now known as Operation Save America) is laying siege to the only sole abortion clinic in the entire state of Mississippi in July.* If their digusting name change is not enough to make bile rise in the back of your throat, I spent a few minutes perusing their website and found out that they are calling this “the Gentle Revolution.” I checked the dictionary, and not one of their hateful, forceful actions ever matched the definition of “gentle.”

Also, I know this is not funny, but a June 22 post says, “It appears that the denizens from hell are quite concerned about Christians coming out of the closet as far as the abortion issue is concerned.” Nothing makes me more delighted than being referred to as a “denizen from hell” by religious bigots intent on forcing me to convert to their religion. The rest of the information on the Operation Save America website is terrifying. One of the pictures on the site shows a girl holding a sign calling RU-486 “Hitler in a Pill.” As the anonymous June 22 writer said,

No Exception
No Compromise
No Apology

You cannot reason with psychopaths like that. I can point out that if they are so upset about killing people, they should be agitating their friend King George to save people in Darfur, they’d just stare at me like I was bringing a message directly from Satan. Nope, they have no interest in saving actual independent, breathing, thinking, feeling lives, especially ones in Africa. (I guess their new name makes a lot more sense than I originally thought.)Remember, a big tactic of the Catholic church and other fundamentalist religious institutions in the not so distant past was to torture and kill people to save their souls, so this is nothing new to them. No means are too low for them to "help" people who don't want it.

Which of you other "denizens from hell" can I sign up with me to lay siege to the HQ of Operation Save America or to any church that sends people to badger and harrass people? How would they like it when they are prevented from exercising their right to go to work or to get their religious brainwashing? I suspect they would not like it at all. (People never like it when their own tactics are used against them, and then bitch and whine and act like victims.) We can call the action "Operation Save America from Operation Save America."

*FYI - Frontline has an amazing program on this clinic, which aired last November, but can be seen on the web here.)
**Updated on June 29: Steve (see comments) pointed out that Mississippi, where Jackson and the siege are located, is in fact, MS. MI is Michigan. Man, I used to know that kind of shit. Old age, my friends, hits hard.

If you want to do something to really save America, the National Organization for Woman (NOW) is collecting funds specifically to protect women who have no choice but to enter the clinic that week under the hostile and violent conditions imposed by mentally ill people who think they are taking on the work of Jesus. Donate here.