>Many moons ago, I wrote about the time a Playboy photographer took my picture. (Quick recap: The NARAL Teen Advisory Group, of which yours truly was a very proud member, got together to make a calendar to raise money for NARAL’s policy initiatives concerning teen girls. The nice lady who ran the group, cleverly also named Suzanne, had a boyfriend who was a photographer for Playboy. He came and took our mug shots for the calendar.) On that post, I included a censored picture of myself holding a fistful o’ condoms while smiling innocently and wearing my hair cute pigtails. I am going to undo a wrong.

I have revealed (chortle, chortle) myself anyway on this site recently, so I an uncensoring that picture from the calendar. Cute, no?Now that I am looking at it again, I do find my appearance to be a bit on the busty side. Leave it to the ol' Playboy photographer to find a way to make an innocent youth look semi-smarmy. On the other hand, it would have looked way worse had the picture been taken a few years later. I accidentally shrunk the dress in the dryer (it was dry clean only), and man did I bust out of it after that. It would fit nicely now, though. Oh well.