>Since eight years of “do-gooding” work have actively driven me to the point of such constant frustration that I actually asked my boss before I went to a meeting if there was money in the budget to bail me out of jail if I killed someone at it(answer: No), I have made the wise but still sort of sad decision to slowly step (Why is it that trying to help kids leads one to criminal insanity?)

I want to write more. Although practically no one reads CUSS (and a big hearty thanks to those of you “special people” who do - yesterday I had an all time high of 96 hits, and only about half were looking for porn! Wooo hooo!), it makes me happy to write on it. And I like writing for BlogHer. (I’m currently a contributing editor for Feminism & Gender. Hurray! List your awesome feminist blog on the blogroll, and I'll write you up there.) Plus, I have been playing around with a book about unusual things to do and see in NYC that I really want to finish, even if it never gets published. And I have a screwed up memoir/essay book thing that I entered into the The Memoirists Collective contest (join the Collective and vote for me on July 12 and I will love you forever, not that I already don't) and will polish up. Just because I am totally unqualified to pursue this path and also get lonely spending a lot of time alone does not mean I will not try. I’m going for my dreams and all that shit. Fuck yeah!

*Side note: This seemed to be a big catch phrase in the late '80s. There were all these little goverment-issue programs that my school had that talked about how you should not fuck up and do drugs or get knocked up and shit. All these kids would talk about how their future was so bright, they had to wear shades. I swear that there was even an educational flick called My Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades that featured "cool" kids and all.

Plus the '80s is the era of the Coreys, in which Corey Haim wore his sunglasses at night in the vampire movie Lost Boys that I have still never seen the beginning of, despite seeing about 100 times on cable. Anyway, Corey gets arrested for something and the police ask him what the fuck he is doing wearing sunglasses at night and he says something about being so cool he needs to wear them all the time. Maybe this was Corey Hart in License to Drive, a movie that I thought was gut-bustingly hilarious when I was 11. At any rate, Corey Hart re-recorded the song "Sunglasses at Night," which was about wearing sunglasses at night.

Man, those were the days. And, insomnia sucks, but that is another story...