>A few weeks ago, my mom wistfully mentioned that she had never been to DC before. I asked her if she would like to go, and we settled on this upcoming weekend. Husband is going to meet us there also after he does some business in Baltimore. While I generally dislike DC, I am looking forward to this weekend. I think we are going to have a great time.

On Sunday, Husband and I were chatting about the trip, and I mentioned that the Lincoln Memorial is supposed to be awesome at night. For some reason, we then started talking about the statue of Lincoln itself. I said it was made out of copper. Husband said it was made out of concrete. I insisted it could not be made out of concrete. Only Albany, the capital of New York, makes statues and monuments out of concrete. (The State University of New York at Albany has the second largest contiguous concrete structure in North America, next to the Pentagon. Albany is also home to the Egg, a giant concrete egg-shaped theater that seats thousands.) Husband said maybe it was made out of marble. I said copper or bronze.

I looked it up today, and Lincoln is carved from 28 blocks of marble. When I am wrong, I say I’m wrong. You look beautiful up there -- sorry, Dirty Dancing flashback. I was wrong. Pennies with a picture of the Lincoln Memorial are made out of copper, not the President himself. As for colleges, Husband told me that SUNY Albany’s claim to fame makes it only the second least attractive come-on for among New York state colleges; Cornell folks tell prospective students that its campus has a giant gorge where people kill themselves every year. I hope it is not over losing stupid bets.