>Tomorrow Husband and I are driving up to Massachusetts for the day. My friend who I have known since high school is having her second kid, and I am going up for a little celebration. We are having afternoon tea, for which I am very excited. Despite the fact that I am a foul-mouthed savage who refuses to wear make-up and thinks the height of fashion involves pink knee high boots (or black ones with lots of cool buckles) and chunky soles, I seriously love proper afternoon tea.

OK, it’s not the proper part that I love (the girly fanciness actually make me nervous at best and give me the heebie-jeebies at worst), but all the food that it entails. To beign, munching on the sugar cubes while waiting on the other goodies is fun. There is nothing like a decent scone spread think with clotted cream and jam. I also love those ridiculous little tea sandwiches which have no nutritional value whatsoever. White bread with the crust cut off filled with something mixed with gobs of mayo is just damn tasty. Finally, there are usually some sorts of cakes or cookies involved. Afternoon tea is a winning proposition for everything but my rapidly expanding gut and my increasing inability to digest these types of foods.

Of course, it will be nice to see my friends in MA and their cute kid as well. It will just be even nicer to see them while I stuff scones with clotted cream (how I love those words: both disgusting and oh so yummy at once) and jam into my craw.