>I took a break from the pressing business of updating my blog template to run some errands this afternoon. As I was walking around my sweltering neighborhood, I noticed that some fancy/trendy boutiques were having sales. My unholy love for Nanette Lapore clothes compelled me to enter the shops and poke around. The good news is that several Nanette items were indeed on sale. The bad news is that a skirt that I loved still cost $250. It’s criminal, I tell you.

Speaking of criminals, from the way the saleswomen stared at me as I browsed for a steal, you’d have thought that I might try to stuff something down my $17 Gap denim skirt and sneak out. Either I was tracked through the store by the evil eye or I was ignored completely. In the stores where I seemed to be invisible, I suspected that actually talking to someone who worked there or worse, another customer, would render them an Untouchable.

Is there something wrong with the fact that I was treated more politely and with more respect when I was browsing among fake vaginas in the local sex shop yesterday than when I was looking at fancy skirts at a few boutiques today? Our neighborhoods might be more livable if we had more sex shops and less bitchy boutiques.