>This picture caught my eye in last Tuesday's NY Times:You are looking at a tumor with a fucking human tooth. The article is all about tumors that grow teeth, hair, and bones. A choice excerpt:

A tumor's encroachment is always terrifying, but teratomas, literally "monster tumors," exert a macabre hold on the imagination because they contain human elements remixed with Frankensteinian logic. It is not unusual for a teratoma to contain patches of hair, errant wedges of cartilage and even fully formed teeth... Teratomas' most fascinating quality, Dr. Skorecki said, is their capacity to generate a smorgasbord of human tissue varieties, including bones, skin and ligaments... the teratomas then degenerate... into hodgepodges of hair, fingernails and teeth.

The good news is that we might one day be able to use them to treat diseases like alzheimers, according to the article. The bad news is that it entails working with totally creepy tumors.