>Have you ever been in the middle of a haircut and all of a sudden you are certain that the guy cutting your hair, who is wearing a crop top and cut off jean shorts and has legs that are 50 times better shaved than yours,* is very likely not wearing underwear?

Have you ever feared that the guy cutting your hair might have an acid flashback and stab you in the neck with scissors?

Unless you are my friend V., I am guessing that the answer to both of these questions is a resounding no. I am also guessing that you would probably never go back to such a person if you did answer yes to either question. On the other hand, you might consider going every 5 or so weeks if you are a woman who has short hair and you think he gives good enough hair cuts that risking your life is worth it. If the quality of the cut does not convince you, how about this: he does it for a total of $40 (until this last visit, it was only $35!!!), which is freaking amazingly cheap for the City.

Is it wrong that I am not unslightly fearful that he will somehow come across this blog and refuse to cut my hair in the future or worse, give me a horrid cut as retribution?

*For the record, it is possible that his legs are shaved as bare as a baby’s ass so that his tattoo can be more clearly seen. On the other hand, he does not shave his very hairy arms so that those tattoos are more visible. Not that I object to guys shaving their legs, but it was definitely unexpected.