>So it's Flag Day today. Whoop-de-doo. Does anyone except the Fraunces Tavern Museum celebrate this? I wrote about the Tavern a while back(November 22, 2005) as part of my short-lived "Museum Mondays" series. A quick recap, in honor of Flag Day:

The museum is two stories and is operated by the New York State chapter of the Sons of the Revolution. It is a highly amusing mix of reproductions, photographs of historic statues and plaques, and tschotchkes spread over two floors. The money shot of shrines, though, is the one dedicated to George Washington. There is a fragment of George Washington’s coffin in a tin case and a chunk of George Washington’s pew from St. Paul’s Church. If you have ever wondered what the original GW looked like under his powdered wig, here’s your answer: a locket of George Washington’s hair is encased in a circular glass frame. (Who knew it was reddish brown?) There is also a fragment of George’s tooth encased in a locket, under a magnifying the glass. The tooth came from George’s denture. I’ll warn you that it is a little on the decayed side and leave it at that.

Finally, in what may be the most pointless museum display ever, there is a shrine to Flag Day amongst all the historical ephemera. A glass case is filled with miniature American flags and pictures of the Flag Day Parade on June 14, 2001. Long live Flag Day!

Out of curiosity, when you read the news, how many of you also have an urge to celebrate Flag Day and "the spread of democracy" in Iraq by burning the flag and pissing off conservatives?