>Theo put on a costume to celebrate because today is my big B's birthday. (Big B is Steph; little B is me. We started calling each other B because it took too much effort to continue referring to each other as “beeeyotch,” which we started calling each other when plain old “bitch” got too boring.) Big B is 31 today. Good Christ, that is old. I can’t believe I have such a hag as one of my best friends. Oh well. Shit happens. I can’t wait to give B her special birthday stamps that Husband and I snapped up for her in the British Virgin Islands. I also snagged a special book for her at a street fair. Buzz buzz!

June 27 update: I forgot to mention the most important part: one of the special things about Steph's b-day is the escalating card competition between my mom and Steph over who can send a grosser or more offensive card. One point to my mom for sending Steph a brithday card with a picture of a urinating cat with his leg stuck in the air that says something about losing flexibility as one ages. Steph loved it, of course. Way to raise the bar, Mom!