>If cleanliness is next to godliness, then the Mets occupy an inner circle of hell. Usually the women’s bathrooms in stadiums have long lines and waits to use the toilet. The Mets solved this problem. The bathroom I used on the upper deck level last night had about 25 toilets. I walked right in and an empty stall awaited me. After I did my business, I went to wash my hands. That is when I noticed that the entire bathroom had a whopping two sinks. There is also a trough, but I could not figure out what purpose it served. My friend suggested that it might be a vomitorium, which seems like a logical thing to have in the bathroom of a stadium.

I waited in line for one of the limited sinks which overall had the effect of discouraging people from washing their hands. Thus that I benefited from a brand new soap dispenser and ample paper towels. Still, it is pretty disturbing that the Mets organization just assumes that people don't wash their hands after they go to the bathroom so it is OK to save money by not putting sinks in the rest rooms. Studies have found that only a very small amount of men wash their hands after toileting themselves, but encouraging this practice by putting only one sink in the men's room (as my friend mentioned was the case; he waited in line for the single sink, and the only person in line in front or behind him was the guy actually using it...).

Think about that next time you shake hands with a guy - He may have recently shook himself off before he shook with you.