>Saturday, June 24 is the infamous Mermaid Parade! For the past five years, I have marched in the parade as part of a mermaid soul train (we played and danced to great soul classics, my favorite being "25 Miles from Home" by Edwinn Starr), but my friend who usually organizes our group is going to be at her brother's shotgun wedding that weekend, so I have taken on the organizing task.

Our group thus far consists of Husband as a hula woman, various friends as mermaids, a few unknown costumes, and me as my usual self, a crab. I am trying to think of a good name that will encompass our little gang, and thus far I only have:
- Ocean's 9 (this won't work if more or less people than anticipated show up)
- Craberet (none of us will be degenerate or German, though it does encompass a variety of acts, so to speak)
- Lei'd on the Boardwalk
- The Island of Misfit Sea Creatures

Here are pics of Husband and I from last year's parade for inspiration:
Any other suggestions?