>Every day I learn something new. Today while I was reading an Entertainment Weekly from weeks ago, I learned that Anderson Cooper and I have something in common. Generally, I find Anderson Cooper highly irritating and self-important. (No, this is not what we have in common.) However, the little article on him mentioned that his guilty pleasure is watching My Super Sweet 16 and Tiara Girls on MTV. I like watching these shows while I work out at the gym. (Mindless entertainment is very good for prolonging exercising.) We both even like them for the same reason. As Anderson said,

[It’s] jaw-dropping and mind-numbing… On the second season of My Super Sweet 16, all the really horrible girls has seen the first season and were trying to top them in horribleness. On Tiara Girls, there’s a fresh level of horror.

If you are not familiar with these shows, My Super Sweet 16 features disturbingly spoiled young bitches (little Paris Hiltons, really) as they plan their sweet 16 birthday parties and spend more money than the entire gross domestic product of small third world countries. Once in a blue moon, a young prince is featured as he plans his grand entrance into the world, but everyone knows that the show is better when it highlights the ugliest of female stereotypes. Tiara Girls is about teenage girls entering beauty pageants and the $100 per hour gay coaches who teach them to smile properly while giving sincere-sounding speeches. (Does learning about these types of high-paying jobs make you sad that you didn't know about them when you went to college? Me too.)

These shows are the epitome of post-feminist entertainment. As Andy said, Jaw-dropping! A fresh level of horror! I love it. I really could not describe it better myself.