>I went for a nice run in Central Park yesterday evening. The weather was about as perfect as it can get: warm but not hot; low humidity; sunny but not blazing. Spring is coming, oh yes it is! While I was pleased by this epiphany, I also realized that warm weather means something much less fun – leg and pit hair removal on a more regular basis. Bah! I hate shaving. At least thanks to Minnie and other CUSS reader suggestions, my bikini line is now safe from the blade since they pointed out the brilliance of board shorts, which go down to mid-thigh or lower (my little skirt bottom is only at the tops of my thighs and floats up in water, causing me to worry when I get out of the water) and have crotches that go where my crotch is, not half-way down my leg (which is the problem with my current swim shorts).

It’s a good thing I began dwelling on shaving, though, because I suddenly realized that I am going to an Elegant Wedding on Saturday and all my “gowns” are sleeveless. Regardless of the weather, the pits needed to be taken care of. The wedding is a black tie affair, although Husband refuses to rent a tux for some reason. For a few seconds, I chuckled at the idea of Husband wearing a suit and escorting me in with my pit hair hanging out. I’m pretty sure we’d be very memorable guests, but I guess I should be a good friend and attempt to look respectable. I hate looking respectable. I’m sure Husband will be pleased though. He always gets that dreamy look when I get all gussied up. Harumph.