>Yesterday, Husband and I organized our 9th annual Memorial Day weekend in Central Park. Unlike the first picnic, which was done to celebrate Dr. P, Dr. H, and other assorted friends’ graduations from college and it rained and we had to have it in the 200 square foot apartment with no stove or oven that Husband and I shared and Husband missed it because he was called to do his investment banking duties that day, this year was perfect. The weather was fantastic, the people were fun, and the food was yummy. The park had a lot of trees and bushes, so it was very nice to be surrounded by greenery.

After the picnic, a group of folks came to my apartment for a post-picnic grilled cheese dinner. Brother-in-Law (BiL) and Future Sister-in-Law (FSiL) brought over their panini machine, which BiL bought as a part-engagement present for FSiL. (In addition to the ring, of course.) Anywho, as we were munching grilled cheese, we started talking about all the fun things we will do over the summer. (Summer in New York, while often oppressively hot and humid, is incredibly fun with lots of cool events and free entertainment in the evenings.) The Explorer mentioned she’d look into movies at Bryant Park (always classics), and I suggested also checking the schedule for the films shown on the piers on the Hudson River. I noted that movies we’ve seen in the past were a different kind of classic, like Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (With Gene Wilder), Caddy Shack, and Revenge of the Nerds.

Actually, I noted that I hated Revenge of the Nerds. My friend asked why, and I said that I found it to be very misogynistic. For example, the nerds punish the sorority bitches for their uppity refusal to date them (because women don’t have the right to say no to any man, no matter what) by breaking into their house and installing spy cameras. The nerds spend all day watching them get dressed, shower, and other extreme invasions of personal privacy that skeeve me out completely. Plus, in the end, nerd leader Lewis purposefully dressed in a Darth Vader costume that he knows the beautiful-snobby-bitch-of-his-dream’s asshole boyfriend will be wearing. He allows her to assume that he is her boyfriend and then has sex with her. Afterward, when he reveals that he fooled her, instead of vomiting and becoming hysterical that she was raped since she never consenting to have sex with Lewis (which would be my reaction if someone fooled me into thinking that he was Husband so he could fuck me), she was pleased that he was so good. That is FUCKED UP.

Someone mentioned that Revenge of the Nerds is being remade. I said that they will have to change at least one scene or audiences today will have no idea what they are talking about. In the original, as the nerds watch the sorority bitches get ready to take a shower, Booger yells, “I want to see some bush.” The nerd in charge of the spy cam then pans down to the sister’s crotch, revealing a bushy snatch patch. These days, the new booger will have to yell, “I want to see some baldy” or “I want to see a landing patch.” Of course, they will probably cut that scene entirely, not because they want to avoid charges of child porn or because it is gross and wrong to spy on women, but because the ratings board is much more uptight today than it was in the ‘80s. Kind of ironic.