>Dr. P, FDH, and I arrived in Roma yesterday. Discovered that cheap hotel does not have internet access, so I could not post what I wrote on the train on the way from Florence to Roma. I need to find an internet cafe that I can bring my laptop to, then I will post it.

As for Roma, it has been interesting thus far. We arrived around 3:30 and checked in to our little hotel. After settling down, we set out for Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, the church that St. Helen founded in 320 AD. The relics that she bought in Jerusalem are on display there, including a nail that went through Christ, thorns from his crown, splinters from the cross, and my favorite, the finger of St. Tomas, Mr. Doubting Thomas himself! The church was super bizarre, as it has been renovated about 10 times within the last century. It actually looks like one of the super churches you might find in Texas. It took a while to find the reliquaries, but was well worth it. Pictures to follow once I scan them from the brochure I bought. (No photos were allowed.)

Today we trekked to the Trevi Foundation, Spanish Steps, and Crypt of the Capuchin Monks, which is a freaky place I went to with my friend Peter on an NYU trip in 1996. Dr. P wanted to see it. (I am not the only weirdo on this trip.) Anyway, it is 6 chapples decorated with the bones of 4000 monks. There were a few mummies, too. It is way creepy. Scanned pictures to follow...

After our stop at the internet cafe, we are off to the Vatican. Dr. P and FDH are excited to see the Sistine Chapel. I am excited to see the relics of St. Peter, which I only now learned are in a throne in St. Peters Basicalla. (To be fair, I already saw the Sistine Chapel, and it is stunning, so it will be nice to see again.) Tomorrow we are off to the Catacombs and then to see relics of St. Francis Xavier, St. Catherine, and someone else whose name is slipping my mind now. Rocking.