>In the past, I have discussed the significance of pointy-toed shoes as an indicator of wenchiness.  This evening as I was walking home from the subway, I realized the second most important signal that a woman is a twat: she is under the age of 35 and wearing a strand of pearls.  (Actually, this should probably be the first sign, not pointy-toed shoes.)  It has been my experience that young women who wear a strand of pearls are snobby, uptight, stupid people to avoid.  There is a vibe of “I’m so classy; I have pearls” that just radiates from them.  Of course, a young woman wearing a “pearl necklace” is different from a strand of pearls.

I realize that my little snap judgments about whether women are bitches or not based on their shoe and neck wear are not always accurate.  I have many friends who are foolish enough to wear pointy-toed shoes yet are wonderful people.  Is it wrong to judge people based on their clothes?  Sure, but it happens all the time anyway.  At least I am willing to get to know someone wearing pointy-toed shoes and decide whether they shoe fits the wearer, so to speak.