>This is what I say every time I open the ginormous wooden door that leads to our hotel. I don't know why it surprises me that it weighs about 3 tonbs given its size, but it does every time.

Went to Vatican yesterday. I had to hustle by the tomb of John Paul II lest I spit on it and get beaten to death by angry devotees. (I hate him because as a polish priest during the Holocaust, he never once encouraged his parishoners to not kill Jews.) I was happier upstairs in St. Peter's Basicalla, where I saw the relic bodies of 3 popes (pics to follow).

This morning we went to the Catacombs, where I was disappointed that they were not more gruesome. Seems that asshole tourists kept grabbing bones as souvenirs, so they had to take them away from places that tourists are allowed. I hate people. I also learned that there are Jewish catacombs, which I would have loved to see, but you need to write in advance to arrange an appointment. Poo.

We also we to Santa Maria sopra Minerva, where I was crushed to discover that Saint Catherine's body was entombed in 2000, so you can no longer see her mummy. However, I did see St. Wittoria's relics, including his or her body, which was oddly propped up in its see-through casket. (Pics to follow.) The church was also awesome, so it was an overall good visit.

This afternoon we will hit two more churches and take in the arm of St. Francis Xavier and the body of St. Philip Neri. I also hope to walk by the old synagogue. (I learned that the Jews were forced to live in a walled ghetto from 1555 or so until 1870. Depressing.)