>When some people develop insatiable tastes for expensive goods they cannot (or should not) afford, they wind up in rehab, lives shattered, families and friendship destroyed. While the addiction is often for drugs or alcohol, shopping can also be a destructive habit. I have never found couture interesting. Generally, I wrinkle my nose and sneer at those who pay hundreds of dollars for designer jeans, handbags, and shoes. This includes brands as common as Coach, which charges over $250 for a basic fucking raincoat. (Insanity!) But now I am fearful because I have discovered that I have a taste for something dangerous: Nanette Lepore clothes.

A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street in my neighborhood when I passed a cute boutique. They always have adorable little suits, dresses, and skirts in the window. I had stopped in a few times before when I saw a sale sign, and typically fled in horror at the prices. This time as I walked down the street, I fell in love with a navy blouse. I knew that I should not go in. Run, Suzanne, run! The lure was strong, the shop door (usually locked – customers need to be buzzed in) was wide open, and before I new it, I was in the store reaching for the price tag on the shirt that turned out to be made by Nanette Lepore.

$195!!! Dear God!! I was not surprised by the price, as I knew it would be high. Everything in the boutique is. Yet as I began to make my way out, I noticed lots and lots of cute things with tags by Nanette Lepore. My heart sank. Oh how I wanted one of her suits! Jacket: $395. Skirt: Could not bring myself to check. The thought of buying one disgusted me. I imagined how embarrassed I would be prancing around in a suit that could practically pay the month’s rent for a studio in Queens or a two round trip tickets to visit my sister in Iowa. But it was so cute! Maybe I could find something one sale for 80% off? Better yet, maybe the stuff won’t fit me. Then I don’t have to bring myself to admit that I am turning into yuppie scum.

(Judge for yourself, though:
$195!!!$320! Yowza! The top and bottom combined are over half of the monthly income for a person working a 40 hour week at minimum wage, $5.15 an hour.
$305 - $570 for the suit; no comment.
Cute shit, no doubt about it.)