>This week was one of the most unpleasant I have had to deal with in quite some time. (Long story short, I resigned from my job before I left for Italy and was dealing with the fallout.) As a result, I did not have much time or energy to get the pictures from my trip organized for posting. Happily, I spent this morning doing so, and it was great to relive the trip again.
The Serial Killer Museum was down the street from our hotel in Florence. We passed it on the way to the Duomo, Uffizi, and all the good stuff.

Steph is obsessed with serial killers (this picture is really for her; is it wrong to dedicate a picture of a serial killer museum in Florence to one of your best friends?), so I went inside to see if they sold T-shirts or any other souvenirs. They did not seem to have a gift shop. The fools must seriously underestimate the commercial value of their little enterprise. Sorry Steph.