>I don’t know if you have seen that new Pantene commercial about shampoo that gives your hair extra body, but it is really disturbing. Two women bounce around a room getting ready for a big date. One is blond, one is brunette. Are they sisters? Friends? What’s the deal? Who the hell gets ready for an evening out by flinging her hair around with a friend to test whether it is big enough or not? A few minutes later, the doorbell rings. They run down in their pretty frocks and fancy hair and party shoes and open it. One guy is there. The blond is taller than he is, so she takes her disturbing yellow shoes off. Then they are on their way. WTF? Where’s the brunette’s date? Does she not get someone? And is blondie going out without shoes on? If the guy can’t handle that she is taller than he is, why bother coddling his fragile ego and go out with him at all? He’ll probably suck in bed if he is that self-conscious. Cut your losses, blondie, and go stag like your dark haired loser friend who never gets the guy since she is not blonde. What a fucking dumb commercial.