>Yesterday afternoon, Husband, BiL, Future Dr. H, and I attended the premiere of God Speaks, a hilarious documentary with Al Franken. One of the funniest/scariest parts of the movie was a debate between Al and Ann Coulter, who has frightening twig legs that she feels compelled to show off by wearing the shortest skirts available. The skirts almost distract you enough to that you do not realize that she is a deranged and dangerously ignorant moron. For example, when the moderator asked her who she would be if she could be anyone in history, she chose her hero Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who she claimed bravely stood up to Democrats who controlled the State Department (never mind that Eisenhower was president during this time, so Republicans controlled it) and allowed hundreds of Communist employees to run amok. Seriously she believes this. She also said she would be FDR so that the New Deal would never have been rolled out. Franken then responded by saying he would be Hitler and thus prevent the Holocaust and WWII. Ann still seemed to think the New Deal was a far greater crime against humanity than the Holocaust or WWII, since she looked aghast. (I don’t think she is smart enough to understand that he made her look like a total fool, or I would have assumed that is why she looked horrified by his answer.)

After the film, Al took questions from the audience. A guy asked him if he thought that Ann Coulter was Tim Burton’s inspiration for The Corpse Bride. Brilliant! I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Touché, Mr. Anonymous Audience Member.