>My friend emailed me the following story that made me laugh so hard at work I might’ve gotten fired (yeah, in my dreams)if I had not already quit:

My sister was discussing your blog this weekend. I had showed it to her once when we were painting her nursey and I did not realize she was actually reading it regularly. Go L. for having taste. She is behind the campaign, but wanted to know if you maintenance trim at all because as she put it, she has to take care of this one unruly curly chunk that if left unmaintained makes it hard to wipe. Meanwhile, this conversation was taking place at the grocery store while we were in line. I assured her that I have this beastly area as well and said we have a common hairy gene compliments of our Eastern European Jewish roots(as you once put it as well) Our walk home from the store was spent discussing our hairy-ness!

I think this hairy gene is what allows Hasidic men to grow such seriously nasty beards. (They are the type of people who probably do have stinky chins because they do not properly wash and yet have these insane clots of hair attached to their faces. I try not to think about other areas of their bodies covered with hair… Shudder, shudder…)

Ah, my friend, I do indeed know what you are talking about. It took me forever to figure out when I wrote about this, but finally I came across this nugget of wisdom from Jan. 31:

Like the State of the Union Address, Uncontrolled Bush Can Hurt

It occurred to me a few minutes ago that there might, in fact, be a very good reason for trimmed and maintained snatch. Let’s suppose there was a woman who scorned the removal of crotch hair on woman. Let’s also suppose for a moment that the same woman got her period and used a tampon. Hypothetically, this woman could go to yank the tampon string to get it out, and since there are pubes hanging all over the place and she is not careful, she could also accidentally grab a tuft o’ hairs and pull them all out with said tampon. Ouch.

I’m not saying this happened to anyone I know. I’m just saying it could, and I could see how such fear could lead women to keep the bush pruned.

This post generated two insightful comments from Gynagirl (“Also, when you have to wear a panty liner or pad, if the edge bends over, you get your pubes snagged on the sticky side & goddamn, that shite kills. I have never pulled my pubes yanking on the string, though.”) and Mara (“And there is also, if the pubes are really long and bush like, the chance that they will get pulled into play during sex. Also not pleasant . . . .”)

I think there are a lot of people, some even not Hasidic or even Eastern European Jews, who can relate. The debates going on at other blogs that I have linked to on Monday and Tuesday and am too tired/lazy-to-create-links-for-again-at-this-very-moment-because-I-need-to-go-to-bed-and-still-have-a-million-things-left-to-do certainly illustrate that. Keep the awesome stories and comments coming!