>An employee in Halliburton's Houston, TX office, using an ISP server called Level 3 communications, did a google search for snatch yesterday afternoon, during work hours. According to my little traffic tracker, this person spent 49 seconds looking at six pages on CUSS & Other Rants, presumably looking for snatch pictures. I suspect this person was disappointed, although he/she did click off the page by looking at my profile, possibly to find out who caused him/her to waste 49 seconds of time that could have been spent jerking off on reading feminist rants about bikini waxes.

Aren't you glad to know that Halliburton has been paid jillions of dollars in recent times to rebuild Iraq? Of course, audit after audit has shown that they have been paid for work that was never done and never intended to be done. Now we know why - too busy masturbating!