>The cruise that I went on with my family ended almost two weeks ago, but I am still struggling with one of its side effects. Since the cruise was to the Caribbean and I had signed up for two shore excursions that required me to wear a bathing suit, I had to deal with my bikini line because basically all women’s bathing suits are cut in a way that require that you shave/wax/laser your bikini line. (Although I am glad that bathing suits are no longer made out of wool, I wish that they still cut them like they did in 1920.) So I caved in and shaved my stupid bikini line.

I know that I am not alone in what happens after I shave my bikini line. Within 24 hours, a nasty, angry red rash appears. The problem is that it does not go away once the hair starts growing back. Instead the bikini line becomes hairy and rash-infested at the same time. There is nothing remotely sexy about it.

Every time I go through this process, I swear that I will never do it again, and that I will buy swim trunks to wear over my suit for next time. Unfortunately, it is so rare that I shave my bikini line that I forget what happened last time, and the whole thing repeats itself. At least I have a written reminder this time, as well as people who will read this testimony of despair and hopefully remind me next time I even think about doing something so common for many women, and yet so dumb.