>Last night I went to see Inside Man with Husband and Dr. P. It was a fun movie, and very New York, as many of the characters are quite testy. When the movie was bring filmed, though, I swore I would not see it. It was filmed down the street from my office, and people were always gathering on the sidewalk to gawk, and I could not get by. (If you see the movie, you’ll see what I mean. The street is T-shaped, with Wall Street as the crossbar of the T. There’s a barricade set up at one side of Wall Street in which extras are gathered, and if you look beyond that, you’ll see on the other side of Wall a crowd gathered on the sidewalk.) Very annoying.

Anyway, one of the previews that played before Inside Man was for the new Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn movie about a Chicago couple that owns a condo, then breaks up and continues to live together in it. It seems that Jen’s character wants to lure Vince’s character back. What is the demented “sage” advice she is given to do so? Some older woman tells her to see her waxer and get the “Telly Savalas.”Next scene shows Jen lying down on a table a ripping sound, in which she yelps as her pubic hair is yanking out. (I wonder if this scene, when shown in full, is played for laughs the way Steve Carrell’s chest waxing was in the The 40 Year Old Virgin. Somehow I doubt it will be, and I am not sure if I think that is good or bad. Probably bad because it shows that it is a normal procedure that all women should go through.) Then she walks through the apartment naked as Vince gawks.

Excuse me? It’s not good enough to look like Jennifer Aniston and walk around naked? A person has to look like Jennifer Aniston when she was 10 in order for a guy to desire her? This culture is fucked up. Fucked up!