>Last night I went with my co-workers to Old Town in San Diego for dinner. Although we didn’t really explore much since we were all tired from traveling (and in my case, also from wandering around Balboa Park and the Zoo for hours), I liked Old Town a lot. It was cute and seemed like it had some interesting stores and museums. I was sad that the Sheriff’s Museum was not open, but I probably was too tried to properly enjoy it anyway. We walked by the Whaley House (not sure if I am spelling it correctly, but I don’t have time to look it up right now), which is supposed to be one of the most haunted houses in the US. It seems that the building was constructed on a site where criminals were formerly hung. We stopped in the gift shop, which sold cute and ridiculous historical-type items. I purchased some suitably silly things for Husband’s 30th birthday.

Today we conducted training all day, at which I somehow managed to consume a tasteless Danish, a sugar-topped muffin, a cup of hot chocolate with light whipped cream, a refill of the whipped cream, a Rice Krispie treat, a caramel apple, a s’more, and a fruit tart. (I justify it all because I am on the rag, although I know it is a lame excuse.) After the training, we all walked along the boardwalk to Pacific Beach. It was great. I was a bit surprised that people live right along the boardwalk in houses with huge windows you can look right into. I was fairly mortified that people didn’t close their shades or blinds but lived on display to the rest of the world. Weird. I also learned that every night, people gather on the beach to watch the sunset and clap appreciatively. Other than all the frat boys and toothpicks – I mean, young ladies – hanging around drinking heavily, it seemed like a really fun place.

Thanks to Leslie’s brilliant suggestion, we had a fantastic pizza dinner at Filipi’s. As we walked there, we passed a Denny’s with outdoor seating. I have never seen a Denny’s with a sidewalk café. It cracked me up. We also passed a Dairy Queen on the way back. I LOVE DQ. Damn, that brought back happy memories of childhood when my parents used to take us for a walk on a summer evening and we’d wind up at DQ. There is seriously nothing like a chocolate dipped cone. Tomorrow one of my co-workers (originally from Minnesota, so she understands the beauty of DQ) and I will hustle over there after the training. I am psyched.