>Cousin and I are watching The Warriors as I write this because she has never seen it, and I feel you can never see it enough. It is only on this, my second viewing this week, did I realize that one of the Warriors makes a reference to unshaved snatch. Basically, the Warriors are prepping to go to their gang summit in the Bronx, and excitedly chatting to each other about what might happen. Ajax, the toughest and horniest member of the Warriors (played by James Remar, who later went on to be known as Samantha’s boyfriend on Sex and the City, says

"Maybe we’ll get some new wool on the way back."

Or he might possibly say

"Maybe we’ll meet some new wool on the way back."

I didn't quite hear it, but whichever the proper phrase (I’ll have to watch another time to get the exact words), I will always appreciate that demented gang members wearing leotards under their orange leather vests in the late 70s liked their women hairy.