>If you hate the state of the world as much as I do, you know that we need as much help as we can get to fix shit. That's why my friend J. (the one who took me all those awesome places when I visited her in the Dominican Republic) is going to grad school for an MPA. I received the following request from her:

Hey suz,
I found a great yet fucked up scholarship opportunity (I can't help but crack up every time I think about how ridiculous this scholarship is).

So in order to find the last $1K that I need to cover this year's tuiton at Carnegie Mellon, I have applied for a Scholarship Frenzy Scholarship. There, I have nominated Tom's of Maine as Business of the Year (as a condition of the application).

In order for me to win the scholarship, I will need people to vote for me at: Scholarship Frenzy.com Business of the Year Nominees. The idea is to vote early and vote often for Tom's of Maine, business of the year. (There's NO LIMIT to the amount of times you can vote!!).

It'd be great if you could pass this along to EVERYONE who might want to see me win this year's prize.
Best of luck to me.

You need to VOTE FOR ME to get this scholarship: MULTIPLE TIMES, OFTEN, so that I WIN! Go to this page: Scholarship Frenzy.com Business of the Year Nominees and KEEP VOTING FOR ME! I am the "Tom's of Maine" contestant!

I cannot think of a more ludicrous way to finance education, but welcome to America. However, I do love the vote early, vote often Chicago-style philosophy embraced by this insane scholarship contest.