>It is scary how quickly I can be transported back to my high school years.  A few months ago, I went to a Turkish restaurant on the Upper East Side with Brother-in-Law, BiLG, and Big O.  As we sat down at our table, I found myself across the restaurant from my ex-boyfriend from high school.  This was not the first time I ran into him in NYC.  About 16 months prior, I was crossing 9th Avenue to the west side of the street when I noticed someone who looked like my ex crossing toward me.  I started to mutter a pleasantry, but he looked the other way and started walking faster.   So while I knew that he would never approach me, I immediately, I felt like I was going to vomit and wanted to hide.  I could barely concentrate on the menu.  Only when he left about 15 minutes later was I able to relax.

There’s no meaningful lesson or rant here.  I just am completely amazed the power that people can have over others.  I’m just glad that I am not that pathetic lovesick 16 year old any more.  Sometimes it takes small moments like this to remind me just how far I have come, and how lucky I really am.