>Somehow I suspect that the Seder I was at last night was one of the few Seders at which people discussed the commonality of elephantitis of the scrotum (it is the most common body part to suffer from elephantitis) and what happens when someone puts his erect dick in a 20 ounce bottle of Coke.  (According to my friend, the bottle neck works like a cock ring, preventing blood from draining from the engorged penis.  It can best be removed by cutting away the bottom of the bottle and draining the blood from the penis with a syringe.)  

Wackiness also seemed to ensue at my parents’ Passover dinner in Chicago.  While I was talking to my grandma (not bubbe – my other granny) on the phone, she started yelling at my mom to stop touching her butt.  I’m not really sure what was going on there, but it sounded dangerous and possibly entertaining.  

Yep, if you want some excitement at Passover, invite one of my family members to join you.