>Husband and I are excited because the guy in the apartment above us died. We think that he had a rent stabilized apartment, which means that it is owned by the sponsor of our co-op. Perhaps we might be able to buy the apartment on the cheap and form a duplex. How exciting would that be? How sad is it that we are glad that someone died so that we might be able to purchase his apartment? Is it even sadder that we are sure that the people in the apartment above the dead man’s have already thought the same thing? I doubt I will be the only person calling the management company to inquire about its status. (What is really creepy, actually, is earlier in the day someone in my second book club emailed me to say that her cousins live two floors above us, and I responded by saying that when the apartment below them/above us is available, they better keep their grubby hands off. Of course, I was joking. Sort of…)

I find it funny that my first thought was that we should try and buy it, and yet I have been freaking out over whether we can really afford the new bed that we bought for $340, including delivery. (It arrives today!!!! Hurray!!!) In reality, there is no fucking way we will be able to afford that apartment (although I still have devised various schemes, just in case it is really cheap), and we certainly can afford a new $340 bed frame. I worry about the most fucked up things sometimes.