>Last night at the Passover family dinner, Husband’s uncle insisted that Melanie Griffith is “the greatest actress in the world.”  This is because she “played Jews so perfectly in Shining Through and Strangers Among Us.”  While Cousin and I fell on the floor laughing, my aunt encouraged his poor line of thinking by agreeing that Strangers Among Us is a work of art.  Husband’s uncle also tipped us off to the fact that Walgreen’s house brand of cigars are the highest quality cigars available, and yet he cannot believe how cheap they are.  All cigars, apparently, used to be this good and cheap until yuppies and women discovered them and ruined the industry.  On a final note, he had a long discourse about how everyone in Hollywood is either Jewish or black Irish, and remarked upon the “freakish good looks” of the black Irish, holding Gregory Peck up as an outstandingly handsome specimen. I really am not sure how Husband maintained a straight face throughout this one-sided conversation.  Oy vey.