>As I reported a few weeks ago, Husband and I purchased a real mattress and threw out our futon of 8 years. When we bought the new mattress (which we love), we did not buy a new bed at the same time because we had not yet found one we liked. Instead, we figured that we could just use the crappy metal frame that Sleepy’s sold us for $25 until we found what we wanted.

Unfortunately, the $25 crappy metal frame has wheels and we have a wood floor. That means that any time there is activity in the bed, it rolls away from the wall. (By “activity” I mean anything from turning over while sleeping to sitting up against the wall while reading a book to other more exiting movement.) Not only is this annoying, but we fear that one night we might roll across the room right into the TV.

I mentioned this issue to Dr. P and she told me that she took the wheels off of her crappy Sleepy’s frame. I tried to do that, only to discover that it is not possible to do on our bed frame because there is some weird medieval cross bar that props the middle of the bed up to the same height as the four corners and it is calibrated to only work when the wheels are on. Husband and I needed to find a bed fast if we were to stop our nightly glides. We became slightly less picky, and quickly agreed that this new bed would look exceptional with the rest of our completely mismatched hodgepodge of furniture. It arrives on Wednesday. Happy Passover to us!