>I saw my friend S. on Friday night. This is the same friend who noted that it was unfair of me to criticize thongs and g-strings without actually ever having worn either. She challenged me to try them, and was convinced that once I did, I would find it delightful to have a string in my ass all day and never go back to ass-covering undies. I took her up on the challenge, but and while my experiment taught me many unpleasant lessons from down under, I was glad to have tried to wear such horrific undergarments as they provided much fodder. (Of course, I was also glad to be right.)

Anyway, on Friday night, S. confessed that she had recently had an uncomfotable thong experience. She bought a new thong that turned out to be too small. It basically rubbed her ass raw. Suddenly normal ass-and-crotch-covering underwear began to look really good to her. Not that I want her to get hurt, but I am glad that she is abandoning her evil thongs, even if it is just until her ass recovers. Maybe she’ll get used to not having her butt rub against her pants and stick with full coverage from now on. If every other thong and g-string wearer has the same experience, it will force manufacturers to stop making them. Victory will be mine! Hurray!

On a slightly related note, remember when you were a kid and you got a boo-boo and your caregiver would offer to “kiss it and make it better?” I’m sure there are people who are looking for opportunities like that with an ass or cooch injury caused by thong. Some people will do anything to get into a woman’s pants.