>I just received an email from The Left Coast about some surgery she had on her hip. She was fortunate enough to avoid a catheter, and lucky enough to have a doctor who showed her a picture of all the shredded cartilage and torn ligaments that they removed. I love that kind of stuff.

When I had my breast reduction surgery in 1998, I was very disappointed that I would not be awake to witness the surgery. Although not long after that, MTV had a special about plastic surgery that featured a breast reduction procedure. The show happened to be on TV while I was in the gym, and I nearly vomited when the surgeons started pulling gooey fat out of someone’s boob.

A few years ago, I had to have a colonoscopy to determine why I had barely shit over the previous 12 months. I was excited to be awake enough that I could watch the procedure on the screen. Nothing is cooler than seeing your own guts. My GI gave me a color print out with several pictures of my healthy colon, which I proudly showed off to as many people as possible. (I only wish I still had the pics. I'd scan them in and post them up. Alas, I foolishly tossed them after people repeatedly avoided me for fear of being forced to look at pictures of my colon.)

Several months after the successful colonoscopy, I was crushed when I was knocked out completely just as a tube was being shoved down my throat for an endoscopy. That GI didn’t give me a picture, either, so that totally sucked. What fun is an unpleasant medical procedure if you don't get to see inside yourself?