>Finally! Men are becoming as stupid as women when it comes to crotch hair maintence. Denise Mann, a fine journalist at DERMADoctor Newsletter report:

Men Go Nuts for Brazilian Bikini Waxes: Growing numbers of men opting for Brazilian waxes

...When I casually mentioned to my husband David that growing numbers of men were now getting the male equivalent of the Brazilian bikini wax, he almost veered off the road.

“Don’t ever mention that again,” he said, giving a collective shiver for his fraternity brothers as well as the entire male population.

Isn’t that ironic?

David certainly does not complain when I get a Brazilian bikini wax before a beach vacation including our honeymoon in Hawaii. I can't help but throw in a quick comment here: your husband sounds like a complete fucking asshole who could care less about your health and comfort as long as he gets to fuck someone who looks 12. Just my two cents. Enjoy the rest of the fine educational article before I butt in again. -Suzanne

And now media reports suggest that in several major metro areas including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington, DC., men are paying up to $100 for bikini waxes that take it all off. Why? Apparently, men claim it makes for a more sensual experience and without the hair, everything down there looks bigger.

For women, the Brazilian wax chiefly involves the buttocks, pubic area (inside and out) and just about everything else save for what some describe as a landing strip about an inch long just above the vaginal area. In men, well use your imagination .. and then some.

According to Newsweek magazine, straight men are getting the equivalent of the Brazilian bikini wax. While some gay men have been waxing their genital area for years, it seems that heterosexual or metrosexual (as the case may be) men are paying about $100 to have waxists pour hot wax on their genital area, apply strips of cloth and then remove the hair – all of it!. And no this isn’t considered S & M, it’s all in the name of vanity. Suzanne here again. I guess its normal for women to do ridiculously painful things to look good, but when men do it, it's masochistic. Right.

..But as women know all too well, waxing, especially in the bikini area, comes with certain problems including ingrown hairs and worse, wax burns... For me, pre-op alone for a Brazilian wax involves taking at least three Advil’s, multiple deep breaths, experiencing several aborted panic attacks as well as mental exercises to distance myself from my body to deal with the pain and the utter shame that I will surely feel as the waxist molds me into certain, inhuman positions.Um, then why do you do it? You must seriously hate yourself.

You'd think that as a dermatological site, it might give advise people to avoid doing things that cause ingrown hair and wax burns. Of course, I forget that the medical industry now offers these procedures themselves and make lots of money from it. Silly me. It was too much to hope that it would conclude by suggesting that this is a bad idea (as is is evident from the paragraph on prep alone) that both men and women to spare themselves the pain and expense and just let it all hang out. Sigh.