>Exciting news! With many, many thanks to Brother-in-Law, CUSS & Other Rants is now at www.cussandotherrants.com. You can access your favorite crotch jokes and feminist rants either way - by going to its current site, cussandotherrants.blogspot.com or the new site with the shorter URL, cussandotherrants.com. Now that I have a site with a shorter URL, I can have some cool stickers made, which will be available as downloads or by emailing me and asking for pre-printed ones on vinyl or whatever the hell they print stickers on. I'm thinking something with a cute picture of a cartoon beaver and pussy, buddying it up. (If anyone knows a graphic designer who can help me for a nominal fee, that would be great.)


In other news, there was an article in today's New York Times about a documentary called "All Aboard! Rosie's Family Cruise." It is about a cruise that Rosie organized for gay couples with kids. You'll never guess which cruise ship they took - that's right, none other than the Norwegian Dawn, the very same boat that I took in March, and that was hit by a 70 foot tall rogue wave in April 2004. For the most part, people seemed to have a much better time than I did. The sad news is that the film shows the boat being met by protesters in Nassau, who carried signs declaring "We don't welcome sissies in the Bahamas," and harrassed children. I would really love to know what the fuck is wrong with people.