>March is Women’s History Month. While I was at the gym today, the movie Iron Jawed Angels was on one of the TVs. It is a great movie about the suffragettes, in particular Alice Paul, and their arrest, jail time, and hunger strikes. I am so cheesy when it comes to things like this that I literally was tearing up as the women rallied around Alice during her hunger strike. (Choking up and running is not a great idea, FYI.)

Anyway, as I was exalting in the amazing things that these courageous women did to fight for our fundamental right to vote, I looked at the TV right next to the one that I was watching. VH1 was on, airing that stupid show where women compete to see who can be more lascivious and win Flavor Flav’s “heart.” I looked at Iron Jawed Angels. Alice Paul was being force fed and her nose was bleeding. I looked at VH1. Two women were screaming at each other about who had bigger tits and whether it mattered if they were “natural DDs” or “fake, but perkier.”

Wow, it took less than a century for us to go from fighting for the right to vote to fighting for the right to show your tits on TV. It doesn’t get much more depressing than that.