>If anyone has a dying curiosity as to my other pastimes besides ranting, cracking off-color jokes, and blogging, see if you can catch “True Life: I’m A Competitive Eater” on MTV.  The show is about Tim “Eater X” Janus, but I happen to have competed in the Nathan’s hot dog qualifying round featured on that episode.  (I only ate 6.5 hot dogs in the 12 allotted minutes versus the 22 or so hot dogs that Tim consumed.  However, as the only woman who competed that day, it did make me the women’s hot dog eating champ of that event.  I managed to beat out a female court bailiff later that summer in the South Street Seaport hot dog eating contest, when I repeated my 6.5 hot dogs eaten achievement and bested her consumption of 5 hot dogs.  We were both crushed by Eric “Badlands” Booker who ate 21.)  I have not seen the show yet myself, but I hear that it is amusing to see me wedged in between all those men, all of us stuffing hot dogs in our mouths in a serious manner.