>One of the dangerous things about the cruise was the all-you-can-eat mentality that existed in not only the buffets, but the restaurants as well. I cannot resist overeating in these situations, and before departing, I feared (not entirely unrealized) a return to my status as an overweight short woman. In my previous life as an overweight short woman, I used to go crazy trying to find clothes that fit. I assumed that the only difference between a size 14 and a size 14P pants is that the legs would be shorter. I mean, a size 14 is a size 14, regardless of height, right?

As usual, I was wrong. It seems that a short person who is a size 14 has hips and a waist that somehow are automatically ½ to 1 inch smaller than an average person who is a size 14. My dilemma became whether to buy a pair of pants I could zip and breathe in but that came with a crotch that was at my mid-thigh or lower and legs that covered my entire foot, or buy a pair of pants in which the crotch was actually at my crotch and the legs were more or less the right length but I could not close the pants over my gut and ass.

Why would people assume that those of us who are slightly vertically challenged have less meat on our bones than our normal sisters? Do they think we have smaller bodies and thus eat less because we require fewer calories to get our stunted bodies through the day, or do they assume that we burn more calories since our short legs need to work harder to keep up with taller people as we walk anywhere? Perhaps people believe we absorb fewer calories because we have a faster digestive process since our stomach is closer in a truncated body to our intestines, which in turn are closer to our asses, so we just excrete stuff faster.

I don’t know, but it is all wrong. I like to eat junk food as much as the next person, but I have less body to distribute the fat over, so it bunches up more. Clothes for shorties should actually be made wider, not narrower.

At the height of my weight problem, I really could not find anything to wear. Many manufacturers will make clothes up to size 16 for regular women, but obviously a short person would never need a 16, so they don’t bother making them. Some don’t even make clothes above a size 12 for short chicks. It’s like there is some sort of natural law that short women must also be thin or they offend society and thus should have nothing to wear. I decided that some day I would open a store for petite women who were overweight, and I would call it Short & Fat. It would be a mecca for women in my situation. (Husband’s opinion on the matter was that no matter how true it is, very few women want to shop in stores that call them fat.) Ah, to dream!