>Husband and I are going to be visiting my only "normal" college roommate, Dianne, and her family today. I say "normal" only because compared to my other roommates (for example, the crotch cloth chick who was obsessed with Danzig), she was completely average. On the other hand, we did cause a ginormous scandal by decorating the outside of our dorm room door with pictures we cut out from a Playgirl we purchased at a gay porn store in the West Village. (But that is another story for another time.)

Anyway, Dianne sadly had to leave NYU after I lived with her for a semester, which probably limited the trouble we could have gotten into if we had more time together, but still sucked. (Her replacement was a 17 year old who read Star all night and never went to class, also another story.) Dianne is an artist and she paints the most amazing murals and furniture. (Check her stuff out at Dianne... Designs. She's fucking talented, I tell you!)

After our visit with Dianne, we are heading into Philadelphia to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at the behest of Brother-in-Law. I can't entirely understand how I came to agree to go, as I hate cheesy muscials, but everyone else was going, so it seemed like I should go too. Next time, I will stick more to my principles. I do love roadtrips, Dianne, and Philly, though, so I am sure that there will be fun to be had. Maybe I can nap or something during the show.