>In January, I noted that when I used particularly yummy smelling soap, I have a strange compulsive urge to eat it. I wondered if anyone had the same experience. Feedback ranged from “No, I do not” to “No, you are a weirdo,” other than my mom, who noted that she had the same issue and wondered if it might be genetic.

I was inclined to go with the genetic theory until I went to a party at my friend’s house. Someone gave her a tub of pumpkin body butter, which was passed around for all the guests to admire. I tried to avoid it so that I would not have the desire to taste it, but it caught up with me before the party was over. I took a deep whiff and began salivating. As I passed it along to the next person (without first licking it, I might proudly add), I mentioned how it smelled good enough to eat. Another guest, who is a slightly older woman and is the chairperson of a university psychology department, nodded in understanding. She said that it is so tempting to her that she once could not stop herself from sampling some delicious-smelling shampoo. She did not seem to find that incredibly bizarre at all, but did not recommend doing so, as it still tastes like soap.

In the end I am glad to know unlike all my other genetic mutations (like the fact that I never developed adult second molars on my bottom jaw and never will), the desire to taste yummy smelling bath products is not at all unusual. Hurray!