>Last night, I went to get my hair cut and I took the plunge. I blame this on my friend, who looks fabulous in very short hair, who went with me. With encouragement from her and the guy who cuts me hair, I agreed to go very short.

There are a few things any woman should ponder before she decides to cut all her hair off. The first is whether or not she has facial hair. Not chin hair – that’s a different category. I mean sideburns or a lot of downy hairs along the jaw line. The second consideration is whether or not she has chin hairs. By chin hairs I refer to coarse hairs under the jaw line that have to be plucked frequently lest you become the bearded lady at the circus. The third consideration is how much of your face is taken up by your eyebrows and whether you do anything about it if in fact the answer is a lot. Finally, think about zits. How often do they plague you and how big and/or red are they?

If you answer yes to all of these things, you should probably not get a very short hair cut, as these little facial details became very, very obvious when you have no hair surrounding your face. I swear that all of this ran through my mind before I foolishly answered, “Yes, let’s do it!” when the guy asked me if I wanted it short. I mention all this so that others can learn from my mistake. Sure, it will grow back (which was what made me decide to do it for sure), but for the next two months at least, if you see a girl with a pixie hair cut, ginormous eyebrows and a zit the size of Mt. Krakatoa who looks like she could be the bearded lady at the circus, feel free to say hi to me.