>Sarah Vowell read tonight at Borders Books in the contemptible Columbus Circle mall from her latest book Assassination Vacation, which is now available in paperback..  Assassination Vacation is about her travels to places associated with Lincoln, Arthur, and McKinley.  Not only is this a brilliant idea, but her writing is gut bustingly hilarious.  Seriously, she is amazing.  She’s done some great op-ed pieces in The New York Times lately, too.  This makes her my second hero named Sarah.  (Sarah Silverman is my first.)

While my friends and I were waiting for the reading to start, though, a very non-amusing Borders employee kept enunciating loudly into the microphoned podium that there was still time to buy the book for “Sarah” to sign.  She also noted that “Sarah” is so excited to be here, and “Sarah” can’t wait to meet you.  She acted as though “Sarah” is her fucking best best friend ever.  When she deliberately announced that “Sarah” will sign any book for which you have a Borders receipt with a personal message, I was seriously tempted to buy an Ann Coulter book and ask her to dedicate it to “My favorite antagonistic bitch” or something along those lines.  Now that would be funny!  In fact, I’d say the only thing that stopped me was the idea of actually buying an Ann Coulter book.

At any rate, Sarah Vowell rocks.