>Today is the official Blog Against Sexism Day.  While every day at the Campaign for Unshaved Snatch is blog against sexism day (not to mention stupidity and inanity, both leading contributors to sexism), I thought I’d use this opportunity for a rant against George Pataki, governor of New York, and laws that hurt women.

Generally, George Pataki is a supportive pro-choice Republican.  However, since he has decided that he is going to run for president (which is possibly the most self-delusional thing I can think of other than another George - Bush, of course - thinking that he is compassionate), he is suddenly much more repressive when it comes to legislation regarding women’s sexual rights and health.  The New York State Legislature banded together to pass a great law enabling pharmacies to sell emergency contraceptive over the counter.  Rock on!  Our fabulous governor vetoed the legislation, though, because he worried that young girls might purchase it and not understand how to use it.  

Huh?  That means that no women have the right to access a medication in which timing is critical because some girls might not understand the directions?  With that logic, we should probably ban ALL over the counter meds since any kid might misuse it.  For example, how about Rogaine?  Rogaine is a very powerful drug that can harm young boys if improperly used.  Is it not conceivable that some boys might use it to try and grow chest hair or pit hair or pubic hair to prove that they are manly?  Why are we not worried about protecting young boys?  I think we should ban its sale without a prescription.  Sounds ridiculous, right?  How odd that only medication that women need would be subject to such scrutiny, and that the good of the many would be denied for the possibility of protecting the very few.  

This is sexism, pure and simple.  Men will always have all the sexual freedom they desire while women will always be restrained by fear of pregnancy with laws like these.  The New York State Legislature understands how critical access to emergency contraceptives is and they are working on revising the law.  George Pataki has already said he will veto it.  This Blog Against Sexism demands that he reconsider his ill-advised sexist power play.