>Last night, I was up until 1:30 in a feeble attempt to epilate off all the hair on my legs and in my pits so that I would not have to think about it again for most of the cruise. This was bad because I really needed sleep last night, as I was up late the night before chatting up Steph and mocking others, and I was involved in leading all day trainings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I also had to go to a board meeting after the training, so I needed a fuckload more sleep than I got.

My experience last night reminded me of my theory about pay inequality for the sexes. I have long suspected that women earn less than men performing the same job because we are too tired to argue for what we deserve. Men are supposedly more aggressive in negotiating salaries with their employers. I think women would be more aggressive in asking for what they deserve if they hadn’t been up all hours of the night before removing body hair so that they can look respectable in a skirt for the interview.

Yes, I know that men shave their beards every day, blah blah blah. However, shaving a bread only involves the chin, (face) cheeks, and in some cases, the neck. There is far more surface are that needs to be covered when shaving legs. Plus, it involves splaying out all over the place to reach the back of the ankle and behind knees. It is dangerous and uncomfortable. Husband can shave in 5 minutes, and he is a fairly hairy fellow. I could maybe do a good job on my calf in the same amount of time.

By spending scads of time on shaving (or waxing), women have less time to sleep, assuming that other activities are not sacrificed. Thus we go to interviews with less energy, and do not negotiate as well. Hey, it’s theory!